2024 Mazda CX-5 Dimensions

March 1st, 2024 by

2024 Mazda CX-5 parked on a street

At Eich Mazda, we’re excited to delve into the specifics that make the Mazda CX-5 a top contender in its class. Particularly, we’re focusing on the Mazda CX-5 dimensions, Mazda CX-5 cargo space dimensions, and Mazda CX-5 interior dimensions, which are crucial for Sartell buyers prioritizing space, comfort, and functionality.



2024 MAZDA CX-5 Dimensions 

The Mazda CX-5 cargo space can be configured up to almost 60 cubic feet. With two rows of seating and space for five passengers, the Mazda CX-5 offers ample space for your groceries, gear, or luggage. For more demanding storage needs, the rear seats can be folded down to expand the cargo area, accommodating larger items with ease. Inside the 2024 Mazda CX-5, passengers are greeted with a spacious and inviting cabin, designed to enhance every Saint Joseph journey. Here are the Mazda CX-5 dimensions: 

2024 MAZDA CX-5 Exterior Dimensions 

  • Length: 180.1 inches
  • Width (Without Outer Mirror): 72.6 inches 
  • Width (Mirror-to-Mirror Opened): 83.3 inches 
  • Height (Up to Roof, No Roof Rails): 65.6 inches 
  • Height (Up to Shark Fin Antenna, No Roof Rails): 66.1 inches 
  • Wheelbase: 106.2 inches
  • Track (Front): 62.8 inches
  • Track (Rear): 62.8 inches
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 7.6 inches 

2024 MAZDA CX-5 Interior Dimensions: Seating

  • Seating Capacity: 5 passengers
  • Headroom Without Moonroof (Front/Rear): 39.7 inches / 39 inches 
  • Headroom With Moonroof (Front/Rear): 39.3 inches / 39 inches 
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Rear): 57.1 inches / 54.8 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Rear): 55.2 inches / 55.3 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Rear): 41 inches / 39.6 inches 

2024 MAZDA CX-5 Cargo Space Dimensions

  • Cargo Volume With Rear Seatback Up: 30 cubic feet
  • Cargo Volume With Rear Seatback Down (Floorboard Up/Down): 58.1 cubic feet / 59.3 cubic feet

Explore the 2024 Mazda CX-5 Dimensions at Eich Mazda

Whether it’s the 2024 Mazda CX-5 cargo space dimensions or the Mazda CX-5 interior dimensions, this SUV proves to be a versatile and reliable choice for Brainerd families and individuals alike. Visit us in Saint Cloud to explore our Mazda CX-5 inventory and contact us with any further questions! 


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